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1000 Trumpets is a design, brand, technology, and marketing strategy agency developed by Kevin McCarron – with a focus on growing successful businesses, campaigns, products, and services. His desire to create and promote strong brands and effective digital tools contributes to transforming ideas into companies and communities of significance.

With a team of marketers and specialists collaborating in a virtual setting, we’re able to scale up to achieve your goals. SEO. Design. Digital Engagement. Targeted Communications.

With each step in our process, we strive to seek out the best solutions that are in the best interest of our client partners. We’re committed to working within our communities and our nation – to make impacts that truly move missions forward. It starts with a strong individual purpose and a desire to make each day count.

We’re constantly thinking about how to present unique or complex ideas through our creativity and technical framework. We also have the ability to translate that complexity into useful tools, messages, and campaigns.

We’ve worked alongside some very talented teams, driven entrepreneurs, and fearless business leaders. We’re proud to be a part of their story. We help by seeing their vision and converting it into action.

We’re ready to work with you on your next mission.

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Design + Marketing + CRM Solutions
We build your brand significance.

For over 10 years, we’ve helped build businesses and missions with a strong set of skills across design, marketing, and integrated CRM disciplines. We offer you and your organization a unique, tailored approach to starting or growing your business. We ready to help bring you design + marketing + CRM solutions.

Designing The Tools
  • Logo & Identity
  • Infographics / DataViz
  • Software UI Design
  • Branded Collateral
  • Web & App Design
  • Full Brand Management
Marketing Process
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Pitch Presentations
  • Social Storyboards
  • Lead Generation
  • Startup Packages
CRM Measurement
  • HubSpot for Growth
  • CRM Integration
  • Lead Capture Strategy
  • Landing Pages
  • Social + Email Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation