Lions Don’t Sit.

When growth agencies add value, they build businesses of significance.

These core principles (and many more) were reinforced over the past 8 weeks during HubSpot’s Sept2019 Pipeline Generation Bootcamp. The PGB cohort (comprised of about 12 agency leaders) was led by HubSpot Sales Director and Partner Coach, Mr. Dan Tyre – he’s gifted with the unique ability to reveal one’s shortcomings and instill confidence at the same time (complete with his trademark phrase: “BOOOOOM!”).

As with previous cohorts, we’re Dan’s lions – just cubs at first – and he intends to transform us into courageous, determined, ferocious adult lions in 8 short weeks. He’s an engaging and energizing coach of the INBOUND marketing and sales methodology.

For our agency, establishing significance for our clients has been a consistent theme, but prioritizing and sustaining our client pipeline has been overlooked for too long. This bootcamp became the opportunity to address our laziness and poor habits. We couldn’t put this off any longer.

There’s too much in the bootcamp to detail here, but here are just a few of Dan’s tips to give you a preview:

  1. When you present anything to anyone, stand up. Your energy comes from your stance.
  2. Be succinct and clear in your voice. Make room for silence. Listen.
  3. Connect with better material. (This means better jokes.) Build rapport. Be human.

Imagine yourself walking into the world’s largest conference room with your entire LinkedIn network around the table, and *surprise!* – it’s open mic night, and YOU are the only talent on stage. How do you start? What material do you have? What will keep this captive audience from getting up and leaving? This is just one component of the coaching bootcamp – your ability to think on your feet while speaking. It’s about guiding people along your structured storyline – listening for cues from your audience – adjusting – and then hitting them with relevant follow-up again. And again. And still more. You’re assessing fit and offering to help from the start. Sometimes your message will be met with applause, and other times – silence. Apply this mindset to your marketing and sales routines. Get used to pivoting. 

My favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan. His ability to hammer on a single idea for 10 straight minutes (and then seamlessly jump to a new line of thinking without you even knowing what’s happened) is remarkable. It’s this skill of storytelling and positioning that has grown his following – his ‘Hot Pockets’ fanatics. This ability to guide the discussion is the skill a growth agency leader, brand creator, marketer, or sales representative must master. Lions don’t sit. (They’re too busy standing up.)

Before you’re tossed into the deep end of the pool to execute your newfound bootcamp tactics, you first need to come to grips with where YOU are. Are you coasting? Blocked by ego? Afraid to abandon yesterday’s version of ‘the plan’? Flat out lazy? (Note: these were my realizations.) This entire process requires bold action and true changes of habit. For your vision: if it hasn’t been identified (or revised) in the past 12 months, you’re better off taking adequate time (a half day minimum) to build your own brand/vision board. Get ready for it, because it’s mandatory. It’s a personal, humbling, and vital step to the future flow of activities related to your agency growth – beyond the bootcamp itself.

Built into this 8-week series are key checkpoints, tasks, meetings, and homework. Plenty of them. Get ready to hustle. This is where ‘plan the work, work the plan’ is realized – and sitting idle between weekly sessions just isn’t an option. Dan sets the tone each week, and expects a change in behavior. This is the only way to gain traction and see results. Lions don’t sit.

This bootcamp ‘arrived’ at a time when we were ready to pivot. Our agency has evolved in many ways over the past year. By implementing the resources, gaining the feedback, and adding the tactics presented through the bootcamp, we are better equipped to provide value through services, build significance for our agency, and help our clients crush their goals.

Gotta run. Lions don’t sit.

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