We're arriving with care.


We all know what S-O-S stands for, right? It stands for ‘Save Our Souls’, or ‘Save Our Ship’. It’s a distress signal. It’s a message that – when received – requires a response. We’re all living in distressing times, and we’re seeing the distress signals everyday – impacting our families, our communities, and our businesses. OnRequest is responding with our own S-O-S message – one of service, one of outreach, and one of safety.

At the core of our mission is our desire to be of service to others. With a flexible and responsive solution like OnRequest Mobile Clinic, we can support and maintain the connections between patients and their caregivers. In some cases, the connections with patients must be rebuilt due to the affects of COVID restrictions, and local regulations being extended.

We recognize that many patients are isolated at this time, and indicators suggest that the impacts from COVID will be with us for some time to come. Our mission for outreach will assist those who are isolated in their care needs. Above all, we are committed to a safe, clean, and comfortable delivery of care for everyone involved.

OnRequest can help meet patients where they are, avoiding transportation challenges, clinic closure, or reduced hours of existing facilities. At our core, we are bringing service, outreach, and safety to patients with clean, comfortable mobile clinics. Our mission is to assist in outreach to a shifting healthcare landscape.

OnRequest is a startup – formed in mid 2018. Projection Creative has supported the full brand development, go-to-market strategy, brand design, launch promotions, and marketing strategy for the delivery of ONR Mobile Clinic to Louisville and Nashville in early 2021. The leadership team has grown to over 6 bold product sponsors and advisors, and Projection works intimately within all aspects of the day-to-day operations. We are humbled to be among such an inspirational and essential service provider.

Our services have included full brand creation from day 1, ongoing brand management, content marketing, conference promotion, webinar presentation, pitch preparations, PR, vehicle design, and CRM integration.

Visit the ONR Mobile Clinic website: https://mobile.clinic