Sustainable development doesn't require demolition.


Louisville’s older buildings and neighborhoods contribute to the city’s identity, unique character, and rich diversity. These structures are models of healthy, sustainable development. They contain a mix of housing types for residents of all ages and incomes, provide space for start-up businesses and new restaurants, and offer human-scaled streets that encourage walking and biking.

Vital Sites stands firm in the premise that reusing – rather than demolishing – older buildings is a powerful economic catalyst, and they have also seen how well-designed new buildings that replace vacant land and surface parking lots can help knit our neighborhoods back together. Louisville have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the power of the built environment to create a healthier and more sustainable city for future generations. Vital Sites is the organization to help bridge the difficult gaps in the decisions, discussions, and development challenges the city faces in this area.

Projection joined forces with Louisville Preservation Fund to create a new identity in 2016. Through an initial naming and identity exploration, Vital Sites was realized and launched in early 2017.  Since the rebrand, Vital Sites has established its foothold as an amplifier for Louisville’s historic voice.

Projection continues to build the Vital Sites brand through both the physical promotion space as well as in digital marketing, event and fundraising support, seasonal campaigns, and donor CRM strategy.

We are proud to partner with Vital Sites as they continue to grow and bring value to the Louisville community.

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